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A Touch of Frost

This series is one of my favorites. Detective Inspector Jack Frost is a fifty something widower who is an old school detective. He is rumpled and very unorganized but he knows his job. Frost rebels against his superiors and resists change. Frost is a master at working around the system and doing it his way. The fact that he has been awarded the George Cross for trying to disarm a man and being shoot shot twice during the incident has kept him from being disciplined on numerous occasions. He believes experience is the best teacher. He is grumpy and tough on his subordinates but loved by all. There is a lot of subtle humor. Frost approaches each case with his characteristic dry wit and a sense of moral justice. The stories are set in southern England near Bristol in the dreary town of Denton. Jack Frost is played with a gleam in his eye by David Jason.

1st Series 1992

"Care and Protection"

In addition to his police duties in Denton, D. I. Frost is providing care for his terminally-ill wife. He is assigned a new Detective Constable, the nephew of the chief constable, to assist him in the investigation of a missing young girl. While looking for the missing girl in local woods, the police uncover a man's severed arm chained to a locked empty strong box. Several mysteries to solve while dealing with his wife's illness and a new partner.

"Not with Kindness"

Frost's sister-in-law travels from the U.S. for his wife's funeral. Frost and his sister-in-law do not get along. A fellow officer is still on medical leave, Denton's incoming cases fall to Frost. These cases involve a missing teenage girl and the case of a woman who has been receiving threatening phone calls and been the victim of malicious pranks. While investigating vandalism in a churchyard, Frost discovers the body of the missing girl. Now he has a murder to solve. Frost cannot do much to protect the woman who has been receiving treats. That night the police are called to her house to find it ablaze with her husband dead inside and her unconscious on the lawn. Another mystery to solve.


A driver kills an elderly man after deliberately drawing attention by recklessly driving in the residential area. The car belongs to the local MP's son whom Frost has charged with driving offences several times. That same evening the local private casino is robbed. Police become aware that a dangerous armed robber is seeking refuge in the Denton area and a police officer is shot dead while on patrol.

2nd Series 1994

"A Minority of One"

Frost is assigned a new black detective constable to help him investigate a string of burglaries. The investigation leads them to a housing development that Frost calls "the crime academy". It doesn't come naturally to Frost to tread carefully to avoid accusations of police racism there and at Denton Police Station.

"Widows and Orphans"

Frost is assigned to investigate a series of non-violent break-ins at the homes of elderly people. Then there are a couple of brutal attacks on elderly women for seemingly no reason. He knows that he has to catch the culprit before he kills again. As a side story, Frost invites the nurse who cared for his wife out for dinner when they run into each other again at the hospital.

"Nothing to Hide"

Frost is assigned a new Detective Constable who has been demoted for assaulting a senior officer. Frost is called when the body of a a long-time drug addict is discovered in a flooded public restroom. He and the police doctor assume the death was accidental and drug-related but the post-mortem surprisingly shows that he was beaten and kicked to death. The trail to the culprit involves raking up a local doctor's past, tracing the people with whom he was sharing a room, and dealing with his family who have mixed emotions about his death. As a side story, Frost tries to renew his friendship with the woman with whom he was having an affair before his wife became ill.

"Stranger in the House"

Frost is invited to a reunion of fellow George Cross recipients in London but he finds every excuse to avoid it. A teenage girl goes missing after coming home from school early. Frost fears she may have been a victim of a serial rapist who has been active in Denton in recent months. Frost revisits some of the victims to try to find a new lead and uncovers a connection with the father of the missing teenager. Higher authorities in the police force add to the pressure by threatening to replace him on the case which leads him to try a desperate measure of using Woman Police Constable as a decoy exposing her to serious danger.

3rd Series 1995

"Appropriate Adults"

A 8-year-old girl is missing and the last person to see her is a young man with Down's syndrome. The young man is not cooperative and appears to be hiding something. Frost's superior believes the young man is guilty but Frost does not.


A group of animal rights advocates attempt to sabotage a foxhunt. One of the group, a working-class teenager, is murdered by a severe blow to the head. Another person associated with the anti-hunt protesters is found in the local woods killed by a shotgun blast. Frost's investigations into the two deaths take him to tea with the local squire and leading huntsman. Frost's supervisor is apprehensive about upsetting the gentry.

"Dead Male One"

A man's body is found floating in Denton's river. It turns out that he is not who he claimed to be. The mystery man is only ever known as the 'Appendix Man'. Events become more intriguing when the star player of the local soccer team collapses during a press conference following an incident on the field in which he received head injuries. However, it turns out he had been poisoned. As a side story, Frost decides to sell his house and move in with his wife's former nurse.

"No Refuge"

There is an armed payroll robbery at the local family-run glassworks during which an employee is shot dead. The owner, who is one of the witnesses, is then threatened and goes into hiding. The family has a tangled web of personal relationships which Frost has to understand in order to find who is doing the threatening.

4th Series 1996

"Paying the Price"

A mysterious, ruthless kidnapper on a motorcycle tests Frost's skills to the limit. He needs to find the abducted woman before time runs out. As a side story, Frost's house burns down and he moves in with a colleague temporarily.

"Unknown Soldiers"

Frost is held at gunpoint by a teenage drugs dealer, a soldier is shot dead on an exercise, and a security van of a local company is robbed by a shotgun-wielding gang. Frost investigates the three incidents. Frost suspects that the soldier's death was not an accident and that the robbery was an inside job. He tries to find any links between them. His intrusions onto the army base stir up hostility from the commanding officer.

"The Things We Do for Love"

A beautiful young woman physiotherapist is found viciously stabbed to death in her car. The victim's personal organizer leads him to the religious community of the New Union Church and their lawyer. Frost and his new assistant from London are given the additional assignment to help in the investigation of a series of ram raids.

"Fun Times for Swingers"

A woman commits suicide naked in public. Frost connects her death with the later death of a gigolo. He discovers that the dead man had business with several women in Denton. Meanwhile, there appears to be a series of break-ins at the local cricket pavilion and Frost's boss, who is a member, orders Frost to investigate them as well as the murder.

"Deep Waters"

A sub-postmistress is fatally stabbed in a petty robbery and Frost wastes a lot of time questioning the leading suspects. Then a beautiful first-year psychology student and swimmer at Denton University, is attacked on the campus. Suspicion initially falls on her psychology tutor.

5th Series 1997

"Penny for the Guy"

A ruthless kidnapper holds a supermarket chain to ransom by threatening the life of a young boy.

"House Calls"

The body of a small-time burglar is found at an abandoned farm. Also, an intruder is breaking in houses and giving sleeping children injections. This reminds Frost of a similar case a few years earlier. A man returns home late one night to find his children dead and his wife missing. Frost's investigations make as many demands on his compassion as on his professional expertise. He makes a serious error of judgment.

"True Confessions"

A man's church confession provides an insight into what appears to be a straightforward murder. Before Frost can make an arrest, he is suspended over the outcome of a related case 10 years earlier.

"No Other Love", aka "Love Me Tender"

Frost investigates two domestic cases. The first is the tragically straightforward murder of a old man by his wife. The other is a more deceptive one in which a man is killed and his son and one of his daughters go missing.

6th Series 1999

"Appendix Man"

The new female Detective Sergeant is put to work sorting out the mess of paperwork left behind by Frost while he is on extended compassionate leave. A man is found hanged in his home and it does not appear to be suicide. Fingerprints found at the scene belong to the unidentified man known as the 'Appendix Man'. The 'Appendix Man' was found drowned the year before in Denton's river. Frost is summoned back to sort things out.

"One Man's Meat"

Frost has to investigate one death and a missing person report simultaneously. A homeless teenage girl is found beaten up and drowned in Denton's river. An environmental health officer is reported missing. The first investigation takes him into the world of the homeless and the second leads to the investigation of a local meat processing factory. As a side story, Frost has trouble remembering to pay his household bills. He offers to take in a junior colleague, who is a trainee dog handler and his dog.

"Private Lives"

A woman is found in a critical condition in a quiet village on the outskirts of Denton. She is the victim of an apparent hit-and-run incident. Her husband and daughter are distraught. Frost's investigation exposes the secret life of a corner of rural England.

"Keys to the Car"

Frost is called upon by his boss to investigate the theft of his friend's car from their golf club by a confidence man who leaves behind a trail of satisfied golfing widows, unpaid bar bills and stolen cars. It gets complicated when the car is recovered with the body of a local drugs dealer in the trunk.

Christmas Special 1999

DVD Season 7&8

"Line of Fire (Part 1)"

rost's Christmas is interrupted by a local power station worker falling to his death in a mysterious accident shortly after he was burgled. Then a young police detective is murdered. Frost wonders if it relates to the investigation into a car theft gang.

"Line of Fire (Part 2)"

Frost continues to try to identify the detective's killer. The task is complicated by a bizarre series of pet shootings about which he is reluctantly forced to seek help from a computer system run by a new junior WPC.

New Year Special 2001

DVD Seasons 7&8

"Benefit of the Doubt (Part 1)"

A woman's body is found on a railway line but was she dead before she was hit by the train? A highly skilled surgeon is reported missing by her colleagues at the local hospital where there have been an unusually high number of post-operative deaths recently. To cap it all, someone is going around impersonating Frost to commit indecent assaults.

"Benefit of the Doubt (Part 2)"

While investigating the source of a supply of contraband cigarettes, Frost's assistant finds the Frost impersonator. However, he is seriously assaulted before he can arrest him. He is taken to the hospital ward that coincidentally is the ward that has been suffering the post-operative deaths. Frost's continuing investigations into the death of the surgeon lead him into extreme danger.

New Year Special 2002

DVD Seasons 9&10

"Mistaken Identity (Part 1)"

A body with no identification is found in a local reservoir. A couple fall victim to a brutal killer in their own home. A profiler is brought into the case. Frost is assigned a new female West Indian detective constable and gets off to a bad start with a few racially insensitive remarks. As a side story, there is a department inspection underway and Frost's old-fashioned methods are not endearing him to the inspector.

"Mistaken Identity (Part 2)"

Background enquiries turn up two previous deaths which appear related to the case. Their initial suspect turns out to have died in prison over a year earlier. As they work to profile the killer they are hunting, Frost starts to get close to the profiler personally as well as professionally.

Misc. 2003-08

DVD Seasons 9&10

"Hidden Truth"

Frost is protecting a vital witness to a murder. The suspect has hired a hit-man to eliminate her. As a side story, Frost has mislaid his winning lottery ticket.

"Close Encounters"

An autistic young man is the only witness to an attack on a security guard at a quarry but he claims that aliens were responsible. Frost is asked to investigate a series of burglaries on homes where people have recently moved in. Frost is suspicious about the link between a local moving company and another series of burglaries. Then a seven-year old child of divorced parents goes missing and the father is unable to account convincingly for his whereabouts in the hours afterwards. Frost wonders if there is a coincidental link between him and the first series of burglaries. Meanwhile, his suspicions are growing about what is happening behind the scenes at the quarry and how it relates to a proposed large development in the area that would include it.

"Held in Trust"

A 10-year-old boy disappears from the stands at the Denton Football Club in the middle of a match while his father is distracted. A man's body is found by a roadside having been hit by a vehicle but the pathologist suspects he was beaten first. Frost finds out that the man was a known pedophile who was living in town without registering with the police. A boy's body is then discovered on a local rubbish heap but it turns out to be someone other than the missing boy.

DVD Seasons 11&12

"Another Life"

Returning from his seven months suspension, Frost is immediately involved in the investigation of two separate murders. A man's body is found in a canal with a significant amount of cash on him but no identifying papers. Frost's investigation reveals that the man was leading two separate lives. Meanwhile at a local refrigerator recycling site, a dismembered man's body is found. The body has two left feet? The man was an avid ballroom dancer who was a competitor in a local dance competition.

"Dancing in the Dark"

D.I. Frost investigates the death of a man whose body is found at a bottle recycling plant. The victim recently won thousands of pounds on a bet. The trail leads to a pole dancing club, illegal foreign migrants, an escort agency and a gang smuggling Polish girls into England. As a side story, Frost is trying to decide whether to join a local gym.

"Near Death Experience"

A widow and her teenage daughter are viciously attacked in their own home by an intruder who leaves no trace. The killer ritualistic in his manner of killing and meticulous in ensuring that no evidence is left behind at the crime scene. A psychological profiler is brought in to assist Frost's team. They discover that the crime matches several others committed in the previous few years. A priest and an alcoholic ex-boyfriend become prime suspects. The killer strikes again far more quickly than the profiler expected so they know that they are close to him. The team has to race against time to identify him from amongst their suspects before he can strike again.

DVD Season 13

"Endangered Species"

Frost receives a cell phone call from a petty criminal who fears for his life. The police rush to the scene to find a body half eaten by a crocodile and a cellar filled with endangered and protected animals. D.I. Frost is forced to work with a team from Scotland Yard who investigate the smuggling of these exotic animals and animal products. He is also investigating and unrelated crime. A family returns from a camping trip to find a dead naked man laying in the wife's bed. All the while, Frost is struggling to find romance in his personal life.

DVD Season 14

"Mind Games"

A man who was convicted of killing a young girl and involved in the disappearance of another is released from prison. His return to the place where the crimes were committed creates an uproar. D.I. Frost was involved with the original case 20 years before and has always been frustrated that they never found the body of the second girl so the man was never tried in that case. When a girl's body is found, Frost is determined to put the man back in prison. D.I. Frost is also investigating the bludgeoning death of a motivational speaker.

"Dead End"

A bus is stopped on its way back to the garage and the driver and fare collector are kidnapped. D.I. Frost is assigned the case. He is working against time because they discover the fare collector needs daily medication. Shortly after beginning his investigation, he is also assigned another murder case involving the death of a clown. D.I. Frost is overloaded with these two cases and an ongoing gang investigation. Even before the second death occurs, the Chief Superintendent assigns D.S. Annie Marsh to assist him. Frost does not like Annie because she filed a complaint against him years ago that resulted in disciplinary action.

"In the Public Interest"

Three bodies are found in a shallow grave in the woods near a pagan religious site. The bodies are arranged into a formation that may represent pagan symbolism. The Chief Inspector wants to keep the pagan aspect of the case low profile. D.I. Frost is also assigned another murder case. The victim is a young popular exercise instructor who had just become involved with an unscrupulous businessman.


DVD Season 15

"If Dogs Run Free, Part 1&2"

For years, Frost has has been trying to put a local gangster behind bars. The man is believed to be involved in a multitude of illegal activities including selling drugs. Every time he is arrested, the gangster has been able to intimidate witnesses or his shyster lawyer has been able to get him released. When a member of the gangster's family becomes a suspect in a murder, he tries to use these tactics to free him. However, this time the gangster, the family member and the lawyer may all find themselves in jail. In addition to this investigation, Frost's team is looking into a series of crimes that mimic crimes that happen many years ago. Between the two investigations both Frost and his new romantic interest find their lives in danger.


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A Touch of Frost

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A Touch of Frost

A Touch of Frost